Funk-Soul Media


FUNK-SOUL MEDIA is Staffordshire’s rapidly growing full service media production business.  Funk-Soul Media was set up in 2012 as a video production channel for the uniquely creative talents of aspiring Irish filmmaker and young entrepreneur, Ruairi Cahill. Today, Ruairi’s film-making dreams are thriving into his highly creative, media production business. We take pride in every production project large and small. Our passion to succeed comes from our unique Funk/Soul Edge!

We are Funk-Soul Media and We Create:







Digital Media Content, Corporate Videos, Promotional Videos, Testimonial Videos, Training Videos, Music Videos, Club Videos, Interactive Videos, Event Videos,  Animations, Motion Graphics, Short film, Documentary Film.

Our mission is to provide the most cutting-edge digital video content to connect your brand to the modern visual world.




Under the banner of my video production unit Funk-Soul Media I produced a short promotional video for DELTA SURGICAL LTD. DELTA SURGICAL is a fast growing UK based company that specialise in Medical Device Technology in Surgical and Critical Care. I wanted the style of this video to portray the driven forward attitude and family values of the company. Communication and organisation with our client was key to the success of the video. On shoot we filmed on a Canon C100 and edited in FINAL CUT PRO 7 .


Funk-Soul Media produced a short promotional video showcasing the development of the historic Telephone Exchange building in Hanley into an exciting, new music and cultural hub for the people of Stoke-on-Trent. The Exchange is a bar / kitchen / club that provides a diverse combination of food,drink and music to a young, sophisticated audience. The visual style of the video is a fly-on-the-wall sneak insider look at the building as it is being refurbished ready for launch. On shoot we filmed on a CANON 550D and edited in FINCAL CUT PRO 7

‘We are passionate about creativity here at Funk-Soul Media. It’s half the price for twice the creative output in our productions” – Ruairi Cahill

Our key strengths lie in the ability to understand the need for engaging video productions. We know how important it is for businesses to promote their top notch services. We produce a visual product that portrays understanding between the business and their market.



The YES-UP NETWORK VIDEO is small but significant promotional video produced by Funk-Soul MEDIA. The video is composed of interviews of the YES – UP Network Leaders as well as a number of creative Entrepreneurs whose dream is to achieve success in their own unique, creative businesses. On shoot we filmed on a CANON 550D and edited on FINAL CUT PRO 7.



The Art Revolution is here! Artisans, Creatives, Musicians, People of Staffordshire, it is time to unite as one. Funk-Soul Media is in charge of delivering a stylish promo film portraying the story of B-ARTS, who have a legacy in Stoke-on-Trent as a troupe of dedicated artists who are constantly creating events that redevelop positivity into the cultural psyche of the city. On shoot I filmed on a CANON 7D, the creative editing will be developed on ADOBE PREMIERE PRO & AFTER EFFECTS.


Funk-Soul Media captured the magical fiery visuals of Appetite’s magnificent ‘Fire Garden’. Families, Artisans, Musicians, Local people, all took the journey to Hanley Park, Stoke-on-Trent, to witness a historic event for the Potteries. Fire Breathers, Fire Gardens, Live Music, could be seen and heard everywhere entertaining the large crowd.

”As an Appetite Ambassador, I felt it was important to stick with the artistic traditions and roots of Stoke-on-Trent. We introduced a fable story into the creative visuals which gives the audience a mystical journey into Stoke’s industrial past as well as ever growing cultural future.” – Ruairi Cahill (Appetite Ambassador)


The Move is a catalyst of club culture in the city of Stoke-on-Trent. Throwing parties that continually break the barriers of what’s conceived as a ‘local’ party. This time it was a DJ / Producer with world renowned charisma, music intelligence and sheer passion for the game.

The Move presents the one and only, Seth Troxler. Our experimental short video is a forward driven, captivating edit that captures the magic of Seth’s set along with his gracious interview.


I have been The Move’s personal videographer for over 1year. On my journey I have built up a healthy working relationship with the people behind the event. My latest piece for The Move demonstrates a raw, edgy style of editing which delivers the vibrant ideals of the event. I have continually been redeveloping my style video project after project. This short video is a funky blend of interview, montage and style showcasing The Move’s last three artists such as pioneer of House Music, Derrick Carter. On shoot we filmed on a CANON 7D and edited footage on ADOBE PREMIERE PRO.

”A party which is not confined to any musical boundaries or pigeon holes; playing music that we like to hear and the move dance floor likes to move to.” – Matt Erst  (The Move)


Our friends at SPECTRUM Stoke-on-Trent invited FUNK-SOUL MEDIA down to celebrate and capture the magic at their 1st birthday party. It was a proud occasion to capture Patrick Topping’s humble beginning at Spectrum’s first ever party, from taking those all important pictures to now in 2014 developing a short film that portrays Patrick’s explosion of production and charisma. On shoot we filmed on a CANON 550D and edited footage in ADOBE PREMIERE PRO



Funk-Soul Media captured the emotional story of the young people of Stoke-on-Trent’s involvement in the 2014 NCS Project. I worked back and fourth with the NCS & Stoke City FC media leaders to develop a short film that really reflected the identity of the brand as a free spirit with a hardworking attitude. The project continually gives young people an opportunity to break down culturual barriers and meet like minded people. On shoot we filmed on CANON 7D and edited footage on ADOBE PREMIERE PRO.

 We make sure that visual moment of style and presence is captured immaculately to give our clients supreme confidence in their business promotion.”

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