Funk-Soul Flicks

Funk-Soul Flicks is the personal short film channel of independent film director Director, Ruairi Cahill.

I strive to portray my driving passion for the art of storytelling through ever evolving, dynamic short film productions. Developing Funk-Soul Flicks as a short film brand has been a hardworking journey. Developing over 5years, I have written, produced, directed and edited short films with production support from several very talented, skilful filmmakers. As an Northern-Irish filmmaker longing to find my identity in mainland Britain, I have written characters, stories, produced film projects and documentaries that aim to reflect my understanding of the British as well as International Psyche. This includes film projects delved in Culture, Cutting Edge Issues, Music and Artistic Movements. I have an infectious ambition to bring my creative vision to global audiences. Film is not a hobby for me, Film is a life long ambition to succeed on the highest possible platforms. Below are listed upcoming developing film projects as well as completed short films.

MAISIE (2017)

Maisie (2017)
Maisie (2017)







Current Production Status: 1st DRAFT SCRIPT

Maisie is a feature length film project at the early stages of script development. The story brings audience directly into the harsh realities of Rural Life in 1930’s Ireland. The story follows the life of a now old woman, Maisie, as she remembers her brave attempts as a young woman to achieve self independence in an Irish society that was insufferably cruel to her.








Current Production Status: 3rd DRAFT SCRIPT

Take the creative vision of Northern-Irish filmmaker Ruairi Cahill and mould it into a tightly woven uniquely British narrative. ‘Melting Pot’ is a coming-of-age story portraying the hope and determination of two friends, Johnny Magee & Jack Lily, as they constantly seek escapism from life in the anger dwelling ‘Melting Pot’. Jack lives with his ageing Mum, Lynda Lily, in the suburbs of Newcastle-Under-Lyme whilst his best friend Johnny lives on the opposite side of the tracks in the once thriving pottery town of Middleport. Today, Johnny & Jack will go on an adventure that will change their lives forever.

Story Info in-depth:  Johnny’s older brother, Liam Magee, is a bitter young man growing up on an estate that he believes never offered him a way out. Johnny’s relationship with his brother Liam is damaged. Liam is violent towards his younger brother on whom he vents his serious life problems. Granger, a 40yr old local ‘hard man’, constantly tests young Johnny’s ascension into manhood. Granger wants the young lad to ‘step-up’ as a man on the estate. Johnny’s friendship with Jack is the only thing that keeps his mind from crumbling. Their relationship is brotherly strong. Jack always brings out the inner child in Johnny’s personality. The two boys dive into a world of escapism, were they can look for evil pirates and seek foolhardy boyhood adventures together. The stories main themes are entwined in youth spirit,  love and human relationships. For the film’s tone, think ‘This is England’ meets ‘Stand By Me’. The visual cinematic story telling of Shane Meadow’s, ‘This is England’ blended with the emotional story craftsmanship of Rob Reiner’s, ‘Stand By Me’.

Overall, ‘Melting Pot’ is a short story that portrays the modern vision of an English city now triumphantly emerging from the pot of economic depression.




Welcome To ‘Heart of House’. Rave scene stories are often shrouded in glamorising the success of the Promotors, DJ’s & Producers behind the music movement.  ‘Heart of House’ is a unique love story told in a docu-drama film style that concentrates on the people who moulded and shaped the underground spirit of the early 90’s. From the heat-filled dance floors to the massive air hanger parties and crazy gatherings of mass people. The film follows the story of two friends, Steven Ptak and Debbie Batho, as they grow up together on the relentless rave scene as wild, carefree individuals. Their relationship as friends is soon to be strewn with distance and conflict as their lives take drastic opposite directions. The film’s story will catapult audiences from the ecstasy fuelled lust of a new music movement to the deeper love found between two kindred spirits.


Bucky Mallon is a notorious Irish-American bootlegger. On a cold, dreary night he returns to the scene of his youth were his life took a downward spiral into crime. What happened that fateful night on ‘Mourneview Drive’, and more importantly, will returning 30years later give Bucky the redemption he seeks?

‘Mourneview Drive’ (2013) is the latest drama piece in my film roll. The overall project was a real test for me as filmmaker. I was seeking an overall high quality production as well as delivering a short story with character and substance. The short film was collaboratively written, produced and directed largely by myself. The scripts all exterior locations were created and filmed in an interior shoot studio environment. A challenge I feel was a moderate success was creating the cinematic essence of time and space of an exterior setting in an interior shoot studio location. The short film’s artistic creative elements were largely created and supported by the highly skilled artistic force of Staffordshire University. Something I am very proud to say.’  – Ruairi Cahill (Director)


On Thursday December 8th, 2011, Gareth Foster and Simon Beech were given a 10 year prison sentence for attempting to blow up a Mosque in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. Sentencing them, Judge Mark Eades said: “This is a profoundly disturbing case.

“It seems to me your purpose was not to get at extremists, but to get at Muslims in general and your purpose can only have been to destabilise community relationships”

Faces of Hate (2012) is a cutting edge short documentary in which I investigate the under current of racism in the city of Stoke-on-Trent. The situation is reaching boiling point and I want to challenge people’s opinions from an Northern-Irish filmmakers perspective. This is a subject that is often left to the confides of newspaper articles. ‘Faces of Hate’ is a dangerously toned film with an ultimate message of freedom between communities.


Originally, short documentary ‘AEROSOUL’ was shot in 2011 as one of the first Funk-Soul Flicks Productions. I have revamped the short documentary’s overall style to bring it into the visual age of 2014. The film still maintains its old school edge.

Join Aerosoul! The 2011 Graffiti Revolution! Follow local artist ‘Mr Twist’ as he breathes a fresh blast of ink onto the dull streets of Stoke-on-Trent. Learn from the young Artist’s story as he strives to maintain his grassroots graffiti style as well as progress with new ambitions. Graffiti is ingrained in hip-hop culture, Aerosoul is a short film that geuinely believes and visualises that statement. The film features original music from Manchester hip-hop artists, ‘Bungahi Beats’ and beat boxing from Leeds based hip-hop artist, ‘Bat Fastard’.

This short film was shot on the ‘not so old’ HD110 Tape Cameras. The film was shot over two days and edited on FINAL CUT PRO.





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